America’s heroes are never forgotten with Heritage.

Art That Honors Some of Our Nation’s Greatest Heroes
September 14, 2018
Robert E. Lee: A Generational Occurrence Deserving a Special Place in our Nation’s History
August 22, 2019

America’s heroes are never forgotten with Heritage.

In an era of unprecedented erasure of our nation’s history, it has never been more important to take measures to preserve the memories of fallen heroes and patriots who made this nation what it is today. While statues of men such as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Silent Sam are being taken down across the nation, or with fates hanging in limbo, America is losing irreplaceable pieces of its history. It’s hard to say when this war on vital pieces of America’s story will end, and sadly, more and more statues might fall before irreparable damage is done.


Heritage Patriart is trying to fill this void by doing its part to preserve the memories of America’s heroes. They provide immaculate portraits of our fallen greats on canvas, forever capturing the image and splendor of these impressive statues that at their conception, were once thought to stand the test of time. Heritage Patriart’s art is perfect for displaying in your living room, bringing in a piece of history into the comfort of your home. You can take down the statue, but you can’t erase history! Heritage’s collection of original artwork ensures that America’s heroes are never forgotten, despite changes in the political climate.


By Joshua Jung

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