Our Mission

The mission of Heritage Patriart is to provide art on canvas for the benefit of patriotic Americans who enthusiastically embrace our historic heroes. In an era when statues of these heroes are being torn down at an unprecedented rate, Heritage Patriart serves to fill that void by providing magnificent masterpieces on canvas of images taken of these statues. These paintings are perfect for hanging in the privacy of one’s own home or can be proudly displayed in offices and community centers throughout the USA. Many of these statues may have already been torn down from our public squares but, Heritage Patriart has created original art that will restore our fallen heroes back onto their pedestals.

The spirit of freedom, patriotism, self-sacrifice and strong leadership of these patriots still lives on for those who wish to keep their memories alive for generations to come. Our website allows customers to select from images of as many fallen heroes as they wish to. Our clients believe in the value of freedom and continue to cherish the greatest republic of all time. These great military heroes have a place in the hearts of freedom loving Americans and Heritage Patriart has created affordable masterpieces for American patriots to cherish for many years to come.