Art That Honors Some of Our Nation’s Greatest Heroes

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August 13, 2018
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April 24, 2019

Art That Honors Some of Our Nation’s Greatest Heroes

Any true American patriot is undoubtedly fascinated by our nation’s rich history, filled as it is with gripping stories of tragedy, courage, and victory.

Many of our greatest stories are rooted in the actions of inspiring, fallen leaders – men like Robert E Lee, venerated in the south as a hero for commanding the Army of Northern Virginia Confederate States Army from 1862-1865 – the most successful military force in the American Civil War.

Stonewall Jackson is perhaps the next best-known war hero of the American Civil War – the Confederate general (from 1861-1863) who commanded his armies to great victory in many key battles during the conflict.

From our admiration of great American leaders like these, and our commitment to honoring and remembering them, Heritage PatriArt was born – where our mission is to create stunning art on canvas renderings of statues that were erected in their likenesses.

Statues of Lee and Jackson, and fallen heroes like Andrew Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and others still – are being torn down across the country at a staggering rate. Our mission is to resurrect those lost pieces of art through another medium – art on canvas – so that patriotic Americans who wish to preserve this part of our history may do so.

The paintings

If you’re a collector of patriotic art, you are sure to admire any one of these fine renderings of some truly inspiring figures. Our product range currently includes masterful art on canvas interpretations of statues once-upon-a-time erected in honor of Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Andrew Jackson, and Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Each painting we produce is a limited edition, signed by the artist, and accompanied by the original certificate of authenticity. You can also opt to have your choice of painting framed by us.

More heroes to come!

Our mission to preserve American history is alive and well, and we plan to add many more heroes to our product range soon! Keep checking our website, or be sure to follow us on Facebook so that you can be keep track of our latest paintings as we introduce them.

Have another hero in mind you’d love to see on canvas? Let us know with a vote!
If you’re a true American patriot who wishes to embrace our historic heroes, there is no better way to do so than by displaying one of these commanding all American masterpieces, worthy of the honor they deserve.

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