Robert E. Lee Remembered Through Heritage Patriart
July 26, 2018

Heritage Patriart: Saving Heroes One Canvas at a Time

The United States of America is full of history.  Just like every other Country, the U.S has been through wars, downfalls, and episodes of tremendous growth.

One of the ways we recognize what our Country has gone through, is in the form of art.  In the past few decades, we have witnessed the removal and/or demolishment of several of these pieces of art; art in the form of statues.

From Robert E. Lee to Nathan Bedford, Stonewall Jackson to Andrew Jackson, the statues that have been a display of what our nation went through are now gone. They have been removed from our sight, as though to erase our history from our memory. As Fox News states, over 30 statues have already been removed or relocated.

Whether you like the history that led to these statues being built in the first place or not, it is still a piece of our Country. It is part of the historical timeline of the U.S and many people feel like taking them down is simply “suppressing or rewriting history in the service of political correctness” –PBS

If you do not agree with the removal of such pieces of historical art, you are not alone, and that is where Heritage Patriart comes in.

The Mission

The mission of Heritage Patriart is to provide canvas art of interest to patriotic Americans who enthusiastically embrace historic heroes. In an era when statues of heroes are torn down, we at Heritage Patriart are here to fill the void by providing magnificently created canvas masterpieces of the statues.

The paintings can be hung in the privacy of your own home, or proudly displayed in your offices or community centers. The statues may have been torn down in some of the public squares, but Heritage Patriart will create original canvas art that restores your fallen heroes to their pedestals.

The spirit of freedom, patriotism, self-sacrifice and strong leadership of those patriots still lives and for those who wish to keep their memories alive for future generations, our website will allow our customer to select as many fallen heroes as they wish.

Our clients believe in the values of freedom and cherish the greatest republic ever. These great military heroes have a place in the hearts of freedom loving Americans and Heritage Patriart will create masterpieces for the great American patriot. The website will have canvas reproductions of artwork based on the original statues before they were destroyed. – via Heritage Patriart

More to come…

If you have any questions, more information can be found shortly, on our upcoming website. For the time being, select pieces or art represent an important moment in history for you.  Decide on which ones you would like to have recreated on canvas, and where you will proudly have them hang in your home, or business.

Everyone wants to know where they come from, how their story started, and that is why we are here; to keep history alive.

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